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Case Study 1

A 25 yr. female, student by profession, came with progressive weight gain since puberty, known case of hypothyroidism on treatment. She had no hypertension, diabetes mellitus, joint pain or any sleeping disorder except snoring; however she was having irregular periods .Her height was 153 cm and weight 112 kg (BMI- 47.8). She had under gone many weight reduction programmes but failed to either loose weight or gained weight after some time. She had become depressed and had also stopped going outside and to all social functions. Taking in to consideration her young age, still to pursue family life and severe obesity she was subjected to sleeve gastrectomy with a single port. Pt went back home after 5 days and resumed her regular work within two weeks. She was at regular follow up. At 6th month she had lost 17 kg and at 1 year she weighed 80 kg (BMI-34.2). At 2 year follow up she was maintaining at 72 kgs and, her periods have regularized and all set to get married.

Case Study 2

A 38 yr male, came with progressive weight gain since childhood, known case of hypertension since 6 years , diabetes since 5 yrs, bilateral joint pain, complains of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring at night and excessive day time sleepiness. He was on various medications with unproper control of diabetes and partially controlled hypertension. His height was 178 cm and weight 148 kgs (BMI – 46.71) He was unable to walk properly without support and most of the time was lying on bed, had also developed ulcers over leg and skin crease infections. He was evaluated and underwent Gastric bypass. He was discharged from hospital on day 5 of surgery. He was continuously at follow up and at 1 yr follow up had lost 36 kgs weight, his hypertension and diabetes were under control and he was off medications for diabetes and hypertension.

Case Study 3

A 42 yr. female, mother of 2 children came with history of progressive weight gain since last child birth about 10 yrs. back, she is a known diabetic with uncontrolled blood sugar or medications, she also had gall bladder stones which were causing intermittent pain. She also complained of joint pain and snoring at night. Her height was 158 cm and weight 106 kg (BMI- 42.4).She was evaluated and and was taken up for mini gastric bypass and lap cholecystectomy. She tolerated the procedure well and was discharged on 5th post-operative day. She was on regular follow up and at 6 month has lost around 18 kgs and by one 1 yr follow up had a weight loss of 28 kgs sugars under control.

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