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Global Obesity Support Group

Global Hospitals is one of the highly renownedcentres for Bariatric & Minimal Invasive Surgeries. The Group has built a formidable reputation in India & across the globe leading to a very high number of in-patients for Bariatric Surgery. To further the Group’s highly process driven and documented approach in managing every patient with severe Obesity and navigating the patient through the entire journey of treatment encompassing before, during and post treatment,Global Hospitals Groupbrings the Global Obesity Support Group Program.

The Global Obesity Support Group is launched to bring together all those who are connected to the cause of helping patients with severe morbid obesity facing complex health conditions.

As part of the Global Obesity Support Group one can share medical history, treatments received, medications taken and doctor experiences. Interact with other members through the Group and learn more about obesity, health problems, success stories of past patients, understand better the journey of the treatment, the hospital and the Doctors. Provide an inspirational message to others who are struggling through the same conditions.

Global Obesity Support Group is to help people cope with Obesity and related health challenges; teach ways to manage life after a Bariatric Surgery and provide a friendly environment where people can interact to clear out many doubts.

The objective of the Global Obesity Support Group is

  • To have a strong engagement program with all the important stakeholders involved in the treatment journey of an obese patient.
  • Provide a platform for an open and transparent interaction amongst past patients/family members & High risk Obese patients & their family members
  • Provide most appropriate, timely and transparent information and counseling to Obesity patients and their family members
  • Position the past patients and their family members as ambassadors of Global Hospitals' exceptional Bariatric surgery services

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