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Mr. Kranthi Kiran

"My name is Kranthi Kiran, age 39 years, I am from Guntur district. I was around 145kgs, because of that I was suffering from Knee pains, Diabetes and other problems. Then I started to search for a proper solution, I have seen in Youtube, and enquired with many people, some of my Doctor friends and my Orthopedic Doctor, all of them suggested me to undergo Bariatric surgery, I researched for around 4-5 months, then I thought Bariatric surgery will help me.

I was referred to Dr. Lakshmi and I consulted her and underwent Bariatric Surgery, my weight is now 87kgs within five and half months. There are no side affects and I am leading a comfortable life, Thanks to Dr. Lakshmi and Global Hospitals."

Ms. Prashansa

“I am Prashansa , 21years old from Bangalore. My father is an employee at NMDC, I used to weigh around 120kg, and It was difficult for me, being an Obese girl, living in Indian society. Many people used to laugh at me and pass comments. Wearing normal clothes was very trouble some, and living an ordinary life with Obesity has become tough for me. Later we came to know that Global Hospitals is performing Bariatric surgery for people suffering from Obesity.

We consulted Dr. Lakshmi at Global Hospitals. She advised me to undergo Bariatric Surgery, and told that I will be losing half of my body weight. I underwent Bariatric Surgery, its been a year now, I lost 47kgs. I am now at 74kg. I look totally different now, and people are not accepting my ID card because my photo doesn’t match.

Mother is very happy now and I am really very thankful to Dr. Lakshmi and team.”

Mr. S. Rajesh

“I am S. Rajesh from Guntur, I used to weigh around 140+kgs. I consulted Dr. Lakshmi and I was advised to undergo Sleeve Gastrectomy , post operation/ procedure. I didn’t feel anything unusual or different, after six months, I now weigh around 95 kgs. Lost 45kgs and now I do workouts. I take care of my diet, I changed my lifestyle. I am feeling very happy now and I don’t have any side-effects."

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