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Who can be a member ?

The Global Obesity Support Groupwillbe a unique confluence of people from all walks of life who are determined to support the cause of many suffering with health complications due to morbid obesity and those are overweight and will face an increased risk of health complications if they do not address their weight concerns.

The following can become the members of the Support Group

  • People currently encountering health challenges due to morbid obesity or overweight
  • Patients(or their nominated family) who are currently undergoing Bariatric surgery treatment
  • People who have earlier undergone bariatric surgery
  • Counselors and any individual working towards the cause of fighting obesity.

Apart from the above, representing Global Hospitals, a multi-disciplinary team of Super Specialists comprising Bariatric Surgeons, Physicians, Super Specialists such as Pulmonologists, Cardiologists, Orthopedicians, Gastroenterologists andhighly experienced Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Counselors, Coordinators, Key members of Hospital's Operations management departmentwill be part of the Group to extend their complete support.

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