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World Obesity Awareness Week - 15-19 October

To combat the ill effects of obesity, the World Obesity Awareness Week is celebrated from, October 15th to the 19th every year.

Celebrated globally, events during the week usually revolve around fitness, nutrition, exercise programs and other measures to tackle obesity. The week also raises awareness about personal weight, the BMI and other related issues as research shows that people have an inaccurate idea of what is the ideal weight. Before people can make changes to their lifestyles they should be aware of their weight problem as lack of awareness could result in a severe obesity related health complications like diabetes, cardio problems and high blood pressure.

Childhood obesity too is evolving into a serious concern, by targeting schools to increase their physical activity programs and instilling the habit of physical fitness from an early age. Other activities undertaken during this week are seminars and informal talks by dieticians, nutritionists on how to prepare and eat a well-balanced meal. A free Body Fat analysis Test, exercises conducted by physiotherapists, yoga camp and motivational lectures. People who have successfully fought their weight problems, their stories are highlighted, free medical check-ups are held and distribution of literature on the ill effects of obesity is also undertaken.

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